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NFA(Non-Flow ACF)

Author 관리자 Date 2020-12-21 Views 817

NFA technology is the most important property of Non-flow layer is optimizing modulus. 

structure is anchor the particles movement at suppressed. By controlling the movement of the conductive balls, a short rate decrease and capture rate increase.


Minimize the short rate controlling the movement of the conductive ball. Minimum conductor space 6(conductive ball size: 3.25)


NFA technology is optimized resin flow and low connection resistance characteristics with a capture rate of 70%


Because NFA technology has a high capture rate, it is possible to stable connection resistance even at low conductive ball density.

NFA is no short-circuit between bumps due to low ball density, it can be applied to fine pitch. Also, it is the same as the ACF production precess, so the production yield is high.